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If you want something done properly . . . self-publish

It would be a tragedy if all the books rejected by publishers didn't see the light of day. James Joyce's Ulysses was self-published.


Vineyard Virgins

kim goldwater


Footballers Don't Cry

william smith

When friend Bill Smith wrote a family history, just for his family, he little realised how far the project would go. Bill decided to actually publish after receiving rave reviews for the manuscript. The story documents the life of simple working folk, and especially his father, Jack Smith, who played football for Carlisle United in England before losing a leg in the war. I did the design and print-broking, and generally took Bill through the complete process of publishing a book. The result, Footballer's Don't Cry, has been enthusiastically received, not least in Carlisle where Bill was interviewed by local press and radio and also encouraged by novelist Margaret Foster.

Living Legacy

allan k. davidson


'Just a Bunch of Grocers'

kevin fergusson & richard wolfe

Keithhunter MurderonDVDDisc MurderonDVDSlick

Trial by Trickery

keith hunter

Keith Hunter is convinced that Scott Watson is innocent. So much so that he made a documentary for TV, called Murder on the Blade?, and wrote a book outlining the reasons for this conviction. This is the cover for the book, Trial by Trickery, and a slick for the DVD and the DVD cover. Keith sold out his print run of 5000 books.


Tales from the Petra Hills

jill worrell & harbi amarat

Jill Worrall is the tour guide extraordinaire. She has a particular passion for Jordan and with her close friend Jordanian Harbi Amarat wrote this highly personal guide to the Petra Hills which they wanted to publish and distribute themselves.


The Spaces Between

russell haley

A pleasure to produce Russell Haley's latest novel, The Spaces Between, in both print and eBook formats. With thanks to Shane Cotton for the use of The Painted Bird.




What a sheer, unadulterated pleasure it was to help Alan realise his dream of capturing his extraordinary life story. It's been hugely successful and I enjoyed working with Alan so much I wrote the blurb for the back of his book because he was too modest:

'If all the world’s a stage, then Alan Sayers has met most of the cast — from miscreants and murderers to hobos and heroes, Alan’s career as a ground-breaking journalist and photographer has led him to dive the depths for gold and scale the heights for survivors.

His determination, strength, compassion and sheer bloody-mindedness led to a kaleidoscopic life filled with adventure, sporting greatness, tragedy and delight. He shares all of this in Deadline, a love letter to his daughter and an extraordinary record of a fascinating period in New Zealand history told by the ultimate good, keen man.'


Flying the Knife

matt mClaughlin

Matt McLaughlin is a perfectionsist, which helps when you are an airline pilot. He published his book like he flies his planes, with complete precision. This is an amazing story, including Matt's terrifying years flying in Papua New Guinea. He was thrilled to be awarded a silver medal at the 2017 Independent Publisher Awards in New York.

It was his first book and he did an outstanding job. I recently heard that he sold out his print run of 700 and made it to the best-sellers list in Hong Kong where he lives. Well-deserved, as were these reviews:


"A delightful, well-written memoir…4/5 stars"

South China Morning Post


"5 star plus book…Hair raising!"

Aviation Book Reviews.com


"The 'Chickenhawk' of bush flying"

Amazon review


"Riveting….a very good read"

AeroAustralia magazine


"Fascinating reading…a great book…definately worth a read"

'The Log,' the magazine of the British Airline Pilots Association.


"..I thoroughly enjoyed your book; all very evocative of PNG and the extraordinary things that happen there."

Sir Adrian Swire


The Best Leaders Don't Shout


In The Best Leaders Don’t Shout five time CEO Bruce Cotterill shares the lessons he learned fixing broken businesses and rebuilding shattered teams. In this jargon-free and enlightened pathway to improving management performance, Bruce tells memorable stories and shares simple tools, lists, templates, summaries and questions that will help everyone from CEOs to team leaders to build better workplaces, more engaged teams and happier customers.

On a personal note it was a pleasure to work with Bruce whose enthusiasm and determination were infectious. Here is just one of the may brilliant reviews this book has received:

"Once in a decade a business ‘How to’ book comes along that really breaks the mould, and here it is. Cotterill knows the game and with skill and inside knowledge provides a perfect guide through the pitfalls of management and leadership. The Best Leaders Don’t Shout nails the course . . . it is a sheer delight. Cotterill has indeed been there and done most of it. His writing is concise and razor sharp and it reads like a novel, a guide book and a mentor to your business ambition. Don’t miss out."

Sir Bob Harvey, KNZM QSO

MORE . . .

I helped turn journalist Todd Niall's passion for the Fiat 500 into this celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 'bambina'. Todd had had a bad experience publishing his previous book, so it was a pleasure to help with the design, production and print broking. I also created a website to help promote the book both here and in Italy as it was written in both languages.


MORE . . .

When Todd Niall said he was going to Valencia to cover Team New Zealand's attempt to regain the America's Cup for National Radio, it seemed to good an opportunity to miss. We decided to put together a package for Random House. I managed to find the entire team in Kumeu: Todd writing, local Fiona McRae editing and picture research, and Kumeu-based picture agency Outside Images supplying daily images of the racing. It felt like Kumeu was the centre of the universe as the copy and images were filed and each page was laid up and edited daily. The book hit the shelves bang on time the day after the finals. Shame about that last race. Still, nothing ventured . . .


The Anglican Diocese of Auckland publications committee wanted a book built to last for the history of the Anglican Church in New Zealand, a classical design that would endure.

Kim Goldwater had written the inspirational story of how he and his wife Jeanette had taken their homespun vines on Waiheke Island from mad whimsy to international success. Kim is a man who knows what he wants, and he wanted to publish himself. I was happy to help, enjoyed reading the amazing story that led his wines to be listed in some of the best restaurants in the world. Also enjoyed the amazing Chardonnay he poured when I caught up with him on Waiheke. Nearly as good as Jeanette's home-grown cucumbers.

MORE ON Goldwater wines . . .

This was a huge undertaking, a complete history of Foodstuffs Ltd. Steve Barnett was project manager and I worked closely with author and ex-Company Secretary Kevin Ferguson to take the box-loads of material at Foodstuffs HQ and create an accessible publication to celebrate the achievements of New World, Four Square, Pak'n'Save and of course the cheery Mr 4 Square himself. It was a complex two-colour design and technically quite challenging.