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Ebooks are currently in a similar position to the early days of the internet.

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation as creators and end-users feel their way towards the future.

For text only books, the ePub format has emerged as an industry standard, alongside Amazon's mobi format for the kindle, both of which redinc. can produce.

Image-heavy books have proved more problematical and no one format has yet convinced publishers to invest in creating them, nor attracted buyers to download them. But we are in early days, especially in New Zealand where eBook readers have been late in coming. So called 'fixed-layout' has made some headway.

redinc. takes a keen interest in the burgeoning ebook market and has expertise it is happy to share for anyone who either needs to convert existing books or wishes to create new content ready for the market. We can also design covers for people who wish to handle e-book creation themselves.

Here is a sample of some of our eBooks, click on the cover for a link to the book . . .

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